The Marysville Union Story

Compassionate Mental Health & Substance Abuse Care Offered in a Safe Environment

The Marysville Union is part of Clubhouse International and is organized to support people aged 18+ in the Marysville, Ohio and surrounding areas living with mental illness and substance use disorders who want to build a better life, find employment, or continue educational pursuits in a compassionate, safe and inclusive environment.

Culturally Appropriate, Inclusive and Effective Care is Our Goal

Coping with substance use disorders and mental health ailments can leave you feeling desperate and isolated. At The Marysville Union, clubhouse members united as a team and working side-by-side with dedicated staff, can accomplish much more than the individual alone.



Our leadership team, new employees and members must be willing to work with those of all nationalities, ages, skin colors, genders and sexual orientations for the success of the clubhouse.




Clubhouse marketing, outreach, and recruitment is targeted to ALL members of Marysville and surrounding areas to foster an atmosphere of compassion and respect.




Respectful and authentic dialogue sets healthy boundaries, prevents conflicts and ensures the clarity of intention. Open constructive communication is key to recovery success.




Success is dependent on feedback to ensure a robust collaborative process that involves staff, members, partners, donors and the entire Marysville community.


Here’s Just Some of What We Do

Community-based and non-profit, The Marysville Union is modeled after the Clubhouse International standard established in 1948 with New York’s Fountain House to help those less-affluent members of the community suffering from serious mental illnesses. The Marysville Union excels in offering mental health therapy and support, as well as care of substance use disorders. A host of attendant support services and programs accompany our individualized therapeutics including the work-ordered day.

We ensure the physical and mental stability of our clubhouse members by freeing them from drugs and alcohol use with healthful addiction care.

We employ a regimen of behavioral health therapies to help build back self esteem, gain confidence in who you are and provide opportunities for you to thrive.

We work with you to gain important life skills and daily coping mechanisms to help you succeed as a responsible and valued member of the community.

Our structured work-ordered day creates an important sense of shared responsibility and is an essential step on the road to your recovery.

We provide our members with educational and vocational resources, along with transitional work opportunities and access to affordable housing.

Here’s Just Some of What We Do

Meet The Team

Dr. Bryan Borland, Executive Director

Dr. Borland grew up in Central Ohio and graduated from Sheridan High School in Thornville, Ohio in 2002. He played varsity golf and spent his free time fishing, hunting, and playing pool with friends. Dr. Borland graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Government. He served as President of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and spent a year working with the American Red Cross.

Dr. Borland attended medical school at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 2011. He then spent three years of residency at Ohio Health Doctors Hospital training in Emergency Medicine. Despite his mounting achievements, Dr. Borland struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction throughout this period, which led him to long-term inpatient treatment at Shepherd Hill in Newark, Ohio. Once he completed treatment, Dr. Borland volunteered his time to begin teaching others about the disease of addiction. Next, he started lecturing at medical schools and residency programs about his own experiences and how those struggling can find help.

After years of hard work, accountability and intense education on the subject of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Borland began serving as Medical Director for a treatment center in Central Ohio and another in Portsmouth, Ohio. In 2020, Dr. Borland became the Medical Director of Basecamp Recovery Center. He is currently serving as the Executive Director of The Marysville Union.

Rich Diienno, Program Director

Rich was born in Marlton, New Jersey but has resided in Columbus, Ohio since he was old enough to walk. Aside from his job, his main passions are disc golf and writing music. When he first entered recovery, his main focus was on developing a program, Disc Golf Recovery Ohio, which would use disc golf as outreach to introduce others in recovery to an outlet that has played a huge role in his own personal recovery. It was during a meeting with Dr. Bryan Borland, our Executive Director, that the opportunity for him to be a part of The Marysville Union was discussed. When he learned what Dr. Borland was building and what The Marysville Union would offer, he did not hesitate to accept.

While he may not have taken the conventional approach to entering this field, he truly believes the colorful life he has lived was leading him here all along. Having dealt with his own mental health issues, as well as overcoming his own substance abuse disorder, he finds it extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to give back and be part of such an amazing team. He is a firm believer that even just a few of the right people, with the right mindset and passion for what they do, can have the largest impact. He is beyond excited to not only be a part of an entire team of like minded people, but also to see what The Marysville Union will become.

Counseling and Mental Health Services with Your Success in Mind

Don’t let the stress and stigma of substance abuse and mental illness prevent you from getting the care and support you need to rebuild your life. Your recovery matters. We’re here to help.

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Recovery is Possible. Success Can Be Yours.

Through the guided and compassionate behavioral health care and support services provided at The Marysville Union, recovery from substance abuse and mental illness is possible. Reclaim your life and livelihood, and experience recovery success.

Recovery is Possible. Success Can Be Yours.